'Parks and Recreation' Season 7's Addition Of Bill Murray Was Perfect & He's Not The Only Amazing Guest Star On This Show

I have been waiting for Bill Murrary to appear on Parks and Recreation for years, and, turns out, I wasn't the only one: In fact, I got the dream from the Parks and Rec cast and crew themselves — specifically Parks and Rec creator Mike Schur, who's been vocal for years about his desire to see Murray play Pawnee mayor Walter Gunderson. So seeing Murray finally make his appearance in the show's penultimate episodes before its final farewells next week? Well, that was supremely bittersweet — and one of the perfect ways to say goodbye. It was also a perfect climax to Parks and Rec's long history of awesome guest stars.

Schur recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the long road to getting Murray on the show. Apparently even before they dreamed of Murray for the role they dreamed of, well, Arnold Schwarzenegger. As Schur recalled:

That concept spiraled, with Amy Poehler publicly begging Murray to appear on the show on an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon back in 2011. Her message went thusly: “Bill Murray, if you’re listening, I will pay you $250 to do one episode of my show.”

mrgoodmorning247 on YouTube

So how did they actually land him? As Schur's further recollection goes on:

Please nourish the image of Bill Murray in his pajamas marathoning Parks and Rec.

Eventually the show did score Murray, right under the line — for the episode that killed off Mayor Gundersun. And it was great. In fact, it was kind of the perfect thing to happen at this point in the show's final season: A testament to the long-running tenacity of the people who made this show so memorable (and who just kept begging Murray to be on it), as well as one more grand entry in the many truly fabulous guest appearances the series has hosted.

The Parks and Rec finale next Tuesday may indeed have even more guest stars lined up, but this was the zenith. In honor of it, let's remember some of the other great guest stars Parks and welcomed over the years.

Madeleine Albright

This might be my personal favorite of all time? One of the great marvels of the universe is how wonderfully fun the legendary Madeleine Albright is as a comedic guest star. First she played Lorelai Gilmore in a dream sequence in Gilmore Girls, then she played Leslie's go-to Washington BFF and waffle brunch friend. I have never been so delighted.

Patton Oswalt

Memorable for his epic Star Wars fillibuster.

Joe Biden

Parks and Recreation on YouTube

Leslie Knope's all-time biggest crush, and we got to see her meet him.

Bradley Whitford

A kind-sorta West Wing reunion that came equipped with its very own walk-and-talk.

John McCain

It's Dark Out There (ง'̀-'́)ง on YouTube

The simplicity is what really sells this one.

Jon Hamm

Turns out Pawnee is set in a world in which Jon Hamm is the opposite of Don Draper.

Michelle Obama

Leslie's reaction to being in the same room as Michelle Obama would be my reaction to being in the same room as Michelle Obama.

Werner Herzog

The eccentric German auteur is moving to Florida to be closer to Disney World. I'm still trying to process the brilliance of this.