What You Drink Reflects Your Dating Preference

It’s Saturday night, and you're out at your local bar. You’ve shaved your legs and put on lipstick, which for a lot of us can only mean one thing -- tonight’s the night to meet someone new. First things first though. You need to pick your drink. Perhaps your addiction to Bravo's Southern Charm has made you partial to drinks sipped south of the Mason-Dixon. But choose carefully because the drink in your hand indicates a lot about your personality and taste. It also has the power to send signals to certain types of potential partners. So whether you're ordering a spiked iced tea or a shot of whiskey, choose wisely.

Mint Julep: Old Money

Old Money doesn’t necessarily flaunt their wealth, but you know they definitely have it. The people at Brooks Brothers recognize them when they walk in and know their measurements by heart. You'll meet Old Money at the racetrack, where you'll receive an invitation to join their private box. It's been in the family for ages.

Spiked Iced Tea: New Money

Think popped pink polos, mint green shorts, and seer-suckered Sperry shoes. New Money is part classy, party trashy. New Money will always remember to bring flowers for the hostess of a dinner party, but is just as likely to tell one too many stories about their beer-bonging college days.

Whiskey Old Fashioned: The Ivy League

When you meet someone that went to a prestigious school, you'll know it in about 0.47 seconds. Because they'll tell you immediately, and then list all the famous people that went to their particular ivy, too.

Vodka Lemonade: The Mama’s Boy

The Mama's Boy loves three things: his god, his country and his mother. Fiercely loyal, this person is the type that will let loose on a Saturday night, but will always make sure to wake up on time for Sunday church (and dinner at mother’s afterwards, of course.)

Moonshine: The Hipster

The Hipster only likes BBQ a certain way (vinegar style), drives a truck for no specific reason (definitely not the type to haul things) and only drinks moonshine (bought from a liquor store.)

Light Beer: The College Football Fan

The College Football Fan would never root for any team other than their alma mater, and you’d never be fool enough to ask them to. This person is really nice from January to August, but once fall rolls around, you start making excuses to hang out with other people during game time. The good news is, there will always be extra buffalo chicken wings.

Whiskey Shot & Beer: The Hometown Sweetheart

You'll most likely find this person at the local bar, where everyone knows their name. Around their friends, The Hometown Sweetheart can be a little obnoxious, taking bets on who can get a cutie's number first or shotgun the beer the fastest. But at their core, The Hometown Sweetheart is charming and fun to be around.

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