Bottega Veneta's New Short Promo Is A Beauty

Certain heritage brands are as adept at creating spectacles with their designs as they are at crafting beautiful, wearable pieces. Bottega Veneta is one such company, and the brand's latest offering is a work of art unto itself. Entitled Emotion Of Sound, Bottega Veneta's short film features elegant fashion, avant-garde movement, and an entirely different perspective on the nature of cross-industry innovation.

Emotion Of Sound was created to introduce Creative Director Tomas Maier's Summer 2015 designs for the lauded fashion house, but the focus of the film is less on fashionable pursuits and more on the movement each ensemble inspires. Maier explained the impetus behind the collection as the prelude to a dance in an interview with, stating,

I was thinking about dance, though not so much the performance aspect than, say, a dancer on her way to rehearsal. The woman who has beautiful posture, moves her arms gracefully, and has a dancer’s walk—this is what I found inspiring.

Throughout the two minute video, several dancers sporting the brand's wares perform a blend of modern dance and ballet against a dramatically lit white backdrop, casting orbiting shadows on the wall in the process. The short is refreshing for more reasons than one, but most significantly, Bottega Veneta highlights clothing well suited for the hustle and movement of everyday life. Though strict pencil skirts and corseted tops may be an enjoyable indulgence, the brand's pleated denim shirt dresses and ethereal silk skirts truly move at the rhythm and pace of life.

Perhaps the fashion industry has finally seen the merit of creating clothing fit for the frenetic pace of the quotidian life.

Image: BottegaVeneta/YouTube