Backstreet's Back on the Billboard Charts — You Better Watch Out, Lorde

Lorde is officially not a one-hit wonder. Her second single off of debut album Pure Heroine, Lorde's "Team" has started off strong on the Billboard charts: It's at number 32 on the Rock Billboard chart and number 31 on the Alternative charts. Knowing Lorde, it'll probably only rise from there.

"Royals," the hit single that first landed Lorde on our radar, is still hanging pretty at number one on the Rock chart, where it has been for seven weeks. "Royals" is also currently number three on the Adult Pop chart, in which Katy Perry is still dominating with "Roar" for the third week in a row, and surprisingly, the Adult Pop chart also features the Backstreet Boys at number 34 for their single "In a World Like This." Because apparently this is 2001.

We've mused on our love of Lorde before, and that affection is unlikely to wane unless she, like, kicks a toddler in front of us or something sometime soon. That seems kind of unlikely unless it's a part of a music video, though, so for now, we're safe to continue listening to her music and imagining we are blessed with her hair.

If you'd like to hear this Backstreet Boys song that is apparently climbing the charts, we direct you to the video below:

BackstreetBoysVEVO on YouTube