Lucious & Cookie's Hook Up Complicates Everything

The moment we've all been hoping for (or dreading) has already arrived on Empire. At the end of Wednesday night's episode "Our Dancing Days," Lucious finally revealed to his family that he had ALS, and while comforting Cookie with the news, the two finally gave into their still strong feelings. Yup, Lucious and Cookie slept together. Not really the best move on Lucious' part considering he just got engaged to his girlfriend of many years, a girlfriend who promised her mother that Lucious' past cheating ways were behind him. But what makes matters even more confusing is that Anika, who was supposed to be on a trip to Chicago during this illicit liaison, walked into the house and saw the former couple in mid-coitus. While all of this definitely makes the Empire family more tense, some of Anika's actions during "Our Dancing Days" turns a difficult situation into a potentially dangerous one.

Clearly Cookie's growing success and good favor with Lucious is really threatening Anika. While preparing for the big Empire show for investors to see the family and the business in action before the IPO, Cookie's work with Elle Dallas — making sure she got and stayed sober — earned the established singer the main spot at the concert. Anika was not ready to let Cookie take her spot in the company and Lucious' life easily. So she took drastic measures.

Anika drugged Elle's green tea and caused her to get high right before she was about to step onstage. Cookie, feeling betrayed, yelled at Elle and was forced to tell Lucious the bad news with Anika saying "told you so" on the sidelines. But it didn't work because when Lucious faced a health scare due to complications over his new drug trial (that apparently was provided by a hack) and lost his voice before speaking to investors, he asked Cookie to make the speech over Anika in order to prove Empire was truly a family-run company.

Cookie of course, kills the speech and proves to investors why Empire was worth their investment, and she gained Lucious' favor even more. But the fact that Anika is willing to go as far as threatening someone's life and her love's company to stay his main confidante and his only lover, is really frightening. In fact, it's more than that. It's downright reckless. It's not only making her less likable, it's proving that no one is truly loyal or trustworthy on this show. I'm genuinely worried about what Anika is willing to do next.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX; magicb0x, /Tumblr