15 Chocolate Mint Recipes That Prove National Chocolate Mint Day Is A Holiday Worth Celebrating

Did you know that there is a day in February, a magical day, where we celebrate the deliciousness that is the perfect combination of dessert foods? I'm talking about National Chocolate Mint Day, which falls on February 19. I don't know where National Chocolate Mint Day originated — was it Twitter? A crazy mint chocolate fan? A candy company? — but I don't care.

There are few things more enjoyable than sweet chocolate mixed with refreshing mint... for me, at least. Think about all of the possibilities: mint chocolate chip ice cream. Thin mint cookies. Andes mints after dinner. Peppermint patties during a movie. I'm salivating just thinking about it, and I'm not even ashamed of that. So of course, I had to celebrate this day in some way, and for me, that meant searching for recipes I will make one day, and will just dream about until that day comes. Join me! These 15 delicious recipes will help you celebrate National Chocolate Mint Day right.

Photo: Bake Love Give

Peppermint Pattie Cookies

Forget eating Peppermint Pattie candies — start eating Peppermint Pattie cookies! You can do that by making these all on your own the next Friday night you’re bored. You won’t regret it.

Recipe and Photo: How Sweet It Is

Mint Brownies

These brownies look cool, and taste delicious. Plus, the color combination makes them pretty perfect for a St. Patty’s Day dessert, if you’re thinking ahead.

Recipe and Photo: Dessert Now Dinner Later

Creme de Menthe Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

One easy way to make cookies even better is to stuff them with something. That sounds weird, but it’s true. Something minty is one of your best options.

Recipe and Photo: My Baking Addiction

White Sage, Wild Mint, Milk, Chocolate, and Bourbon Cocktail

If you’re looking for a new drink that’s perfect for a cold winter night, go for this one. It has a lot of different ingredients, but they all go so well together.

Recipe and Photo: Offbeat and Inspired

Thin Mints

You could buy Thin Mints, or you could make them. I mean, I don’t know, making them sounds better. Sorry, Girl Scouts. Maybe next year.

Recipe and Photo: The Little Epicurean

Mint Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

One of the best ways to eat mint chocolate is indisputably mint chocolate chip ice cream. It’s even better when you make it yourself.

Recipe and Photo: A Cozy Kitchen

Chocolate Mint French Macarons

These don’t look like the easiest dessert to make, but they do look really good — plus, they have the whole perfect Instagram picture thing going on. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Recipe and Photo: Bake Love Give

Shamrock Shakes

It’s almost March, which means it’s almost the season for Shamrock Shakes. And why buy one when you can make one? Make this whenever you’re looking for a sweet treat — I won’t tell.

Recipe and Photo: Simply Scratch

Milk Chocolate Cupcakes with Fresh Mint Frosting

There are few things that can make milk chocolate cupcakes even better than they are on their own, and one of those things is fresh mint frosting. Refreshing, sweet, and yummy all in one.

Recipe and Photo: How Sweet It Is

Mint Hot Chocolate

Unless you’re living somewhere that’s always warm, you’ve been braving this brutal winter along with me. The only cure? A steaming cup of mint hot chocolate. Make this one instead of using a packet.

Recipe and Photo: The Little Epicurean

Chocolate Mint Pie

Pie! Chocolate! Mint! Whipped Cream! What could be better than this dessert?!

Recipe and Photo: Dessert Now Dinner Later

Easy Oreo Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

This cake looks elaborate, but it’s actually really easy, and barely even requires any work! No one will care that you didn’t do much, because it will be SO good it won’t matter.

Recipe and Photo: Bakerella

Andes Mint Brownies

The only thing that could make delicious Andes mint candies even more delicious is to bake them into brownies. ‘Nuff said.

Recipe and Photo: Averie Cooks

No-Bake Mocha Peppermint Cheesecake

Any kind of dessert that doesn’t require baking sounds good to me! This one mixes mocha flavors with peppermint and candy canes. Does this seem a little Christmasy to you? Maybe, but who cares?

Recipe and Photo Sugar et al

Gluten-Free Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies

If you can’t eat gluten but you still want a nice chocolate mint brownie, this recipe is for you. These brownies are moist and delicious, and that’s a compliment coming from someone who hates the word moist.

Recipe and Photo: My Baking Addiction