12 Of Kourntey's Classic 'KUWTK' Insults

Kim Kardashian may be the big name star in her family, but everyone who watches Keeping Up With the Kardashians knows that she does not exactly make the show. Honestly, she's usually pretty much a wet blanket with no story line. It is really her sisters who provide the entertainment value on KUWTK. Khloe has such an outrageous personality that never fails to entertain, but it's Kourtney Kardashian who comes in with more subtle entertainment value. It's Kourtney's comments that truly steal the show and provide the most quotable moments. She is definitely the sister who makes Keeping Up With the Kardashians such a fun show to watch.

Kourtney is full of outrageous insults and I will never get enough of them. She is a mom of three now and she has no time for nonsense, so on the show she always keeps it real and says what we are all thinking — but usually a little harsher, with more shade, and a valley girl accent.

To prove Kourtney is the most entertaining Kardashian, scroll through and check out some of her crazy insults from the show. Just be happy that they weren't aimed at you!

When She Laughed At Kim's Crying Face

When She Tried To Keep It Professional

That Time She Referred To Her Own Family Member As "A Little Whore"

Another Time When She Just Kept It Honest

When She Called Out Khloe And A Plastic Giraffe For Being Annoying

When She Was Far From Warm And Fuzzy

When She Failed To Have A Moment of Sensitivity

Just Another Time When She Insulted Kim

When She Found A Way To Insult Kendall Jenner's Supermodel Looks

When She Rejected Scott's Peace Offering And Insulted Him In the Process

When She Made This Interesting Threat

When She Brought Attention To Kim While She Was Hiding From The Paparazzi

Yeah... Don't mess with her.

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