The Academy Is Such An Awards Show Rebel

There are a lot of things to look forward to throughout the 87th Annual Academy Awards. Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting, for starters. Then there are the actual nominees themselves. And while there are bound to be a fair share of upsets (as per usual), the Oscars should also be full of some pretty great moments as well, which makes tuning in all the more important. (I'm up for another Oscar selfie if you are!) The trouble is knowing when exactly the ceremony takes place for those of us who are on Awards Show autopilot by this point of the glitziest season of all. Though normally award shows kick off at the usual 8 p.m. (ET) time slot, the Oscars always start a half hour later at 8:30 p.m. (ET). Rebel, rebel, right?

Now, I'm not entirely sure why that is. (The Academy shockingly does not discuss such things with me. Personally, I say we blame it on L.A. traffic.) But regardless of the why, it's just important to remember that this particular ceremony kicks off a full 30 minutes later than usual, which means it will also end a full 30 minutes later than usual at 11:30 p.m. (ET). And that's being generous, assuming it doesn't run too far over, which it always does. Sure, it's not an ideal situation, especially for those who prefer to go to bed on the early side, which is why I've come up with a few fun suggestions of what you can do with that extra half hour before showtime.

Watch Live From the Red Carpet

The actual show may start a little later than usual, but the Oscar red carpet ceremony kicks off at 7 p.m. (ET) on ABC (5:30 p.m. over on E!). This not only gives you a first glance at what all your favorite celebrities are wearing, but it also allows for some pretty fantastic interview moments as well. (See above.)

Take a Quick Power Nap

If you're going to have to stay up extra late, you might as well try and make up for some of that lost time by catching a few Zzz's beforehand. Odds are, it'll get you refreshed and ready to cheer on Hollywood's finest.

Watch An Episode of Friends

Now that it is conveniently streaming on Netflix, you have just enough time for a quick episode viewing of your choosing during this brief 30-minute interlude. And what better way to spend this bit of extra time than with your closest friends?

Order Some Pizza

Now you have two things to look forward to in 30 minutes or less.

Get A Last-Minute Oscar Pool Going

After all, there's no harm in making a little side money. Plus, it'll keep you all the more invested in the actual ceremony.

Establish a Drinking Game

Perfecting that Oscar buzz is extremely important and not as easy as it seems.

Initiate a Spontaneous Dance Party

This is the Oscars, baby! You gotta have some fun with it.

Images: cineplexmovies/Tumblr; Giphy (6)