Jay Z Might Have A Son We Never Knew About

Think Blue Ivy's an only child? Think again. It's totally possible that she has an older brother from one of Jay Z's relationships before meeting Beyoncé.... And now, this supposed older brother is suing the rapper in what sounds like a pretty suspicious paternity lawsuit. According to TMZ, a 21-year-old named Rymir Satterthwaite is not only claiming that he's Jay Z's son after the rapper hooked up with his mother, Wanda, a long, long time ago, but also that Jay Z has kept the lawsuit from progressing by providing the court with "fraudulent information." Um, that's a pretty serious accusation, there, Satterthwaite. And what's more is that Jay Z also reportedly refuses to take a paternity test to prove that he's not this guy's father.

Now, onto the suspicious part. It wouldn't be terribly unheard of if Satterthwaite was Jay Z's son, and he'd hardly be the first celebrity to have a child he may not have known about come out of the woodwork. But the fact that it seems that Satterthwaite and Lillie Coley, a woman who calls herself his legal guardian, have waited to get Jay Z to take a paternity test until he's very wealthy and a household name is a bit suspect — especially since Satterthwaite is an aspiring rapper. What's more convenient than being Jay Z's son as you begin a rap career?

Page Six adds that Satterthwaite first filed the lawsuit in 2010, and was dismissed in New Jersey Superior Court when Jay Z's lawyer said that the claims couldn't possibly be true since Jay Z was living in New York at the time of Satterthwaite's conception. So yeah, this is where the claims that Jay Z is lying are coming from to get the case opened back up again.

Of course, there is a chance that Satterthwaite's telling the truth, although I think it's pretty slim. If the claims Satterthwaite is making against Jay Z are true, that's pretty unimpressive behavior on Jay Z's part, especially since he obviously could afford to provide support to his alleged son and chose not to. There's got to be more to the story, though, and if this isn't a sham, I wouldn't be surprised if the details begin trickling out over the next few weeks, slowly but surely.