Kanye Meets Ralph Lauren And We're Having Flashbacks to West's Polo Bear Sweater Days

For the attendees of New York Fashion Week, there will always be that one unforgettable moment, when your mind is literally blown. You would think that moment for Kanye West would've been when he walked out onto the runway, to celebrate his new line. But no. It was when Kanye met Ralph Lauren, his all-time favorite fashion god.

The two were introduced after Lauren's fall 2015 runway show. And although we don't know what they talked about during their first moments, the photo says it all. Lauren affectionately touched the rapper's face, leaving West in pure bliss. Lauren's son, David Lauren, snapped the perfect shot of the two, which I think West is probably getting framed as we speak.

And I get it – Romance by Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite scents. But personally, collaborating with Adidas to produce my very own clothing line that I know people will fight over in stores, seems a little more memorable. Then again, I didn't have a borderline troubling obsession with the Polo bear sweatshirts. That only proves the love that West has for Lauren goes way back to the "College Dropout" days (and I wouldn't be mad if those days came back).