Giuliana Rancic Doesn't Look Like This Anymore...

OK, so who's ready to dye their hair red with me? Anyone? Oh, you know you'll want to after you see this: Giuliana Rancic dyed her hair red and she looks fierce. The red carpet aficionado surely made the right decision in going from blonde to red, just in time for her big night at the Oscars.

Rancic talked to People about her new hairdo saying, "I absolutely love trying bold colors and beautiful rich hues which make me feel younger and more exotic." She even mentions that her husband was super supportive in changing her hair color, saying she thinks it can be "fun as a man to have your wife or girlfriend come home with a different hair color every once in a while to mix things up."

The Fashion Police expert decided that blonde just wasn't satisfying enough anymore and ultimately decided to get a new look using Vidal Sassoon's "Medium Gold Brown" color. Personally, I'm all for this new auburn tint. In fact, I might just go buy some myself. I mean, it is an "at-home-kit". What's the worse that could happen?

If Rancic's already changing up her hairstyle for the Oscars, she must have big plans for the red carpet. I can't wait to see what she wears! In the meantime, BRB while I go dye my hair red right now.

Image: giulianarancic/Instagram