Gigi Hadid's Perfect Pout Secrets Revealed

I don't want to say I spent an hour on Gigi Hadid's Instagram the other night laying on my couch. But I did, because I was just so utterly dumbfounded at her effortless beauty. You can imagine my excitement then when Gigi Hadid spilled her beauty secrets to NYLON mag recently. When Hadid talks, I listen. And you should, too.

In the interview, Hadid shared the timeless beauty advice she received from her mom, former model Yolanda Foster. The most important thing she learned was how to take care of her skin, especially when it came to protecting it from sun damage. Later on in the interview, Hadid revealed a routine the mother-daughter duo used to follow when she was a young girl: they'd "exfoliate [their] lips with a sugar scrub and wet towel." And that, my friends, is how she gets her luscious lips that grace the pages of Vogue and and Guess campaigns.

It seems she's learned a lot from her mom because Hadid's best beauty advice has to do with keeping your skin at its prime health. "Just having that natural glow is better than any makeup can do for you," she told NYLON. Which makes sense why Candice Swanepoel is her beauty icon. Hadid said, "She does a really good job of letting the make up show off her face rather than take it over."

This piece of advice is probably the most prolific beauty tip I've learned from the pages of magazines, books, and even my own mother. I love that both Yolanda and Gigi push for a more natural beauty. Which, to be honest, is more convenient anyway. Props to you, Gigi, for always encouraging strength and health above all else.