11 Cold Weather Destinations That Are Basically Winter Wonderlands, So Explore Them While You Still Can

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Instead of trying to escape winter this year, I say embrace it. There's something exhilarating about spending a rosy-cheek day outside in the brisk air and snow. So instead of waiting around for spring break to arrive, I suggest going on a winter weekend getaway to appreciate the beauty of a snow-covered landscape. I know it sounds crazy, but winter won't be around for much longer, and you might as well enjoy it while you can — and the best way to do that is to escape to the stillness of a small town, and make the most of your ski trip.

Small towns know how to embrace winter best, so pack up your snow boots and explore the hidden treasures of the off-beaten paths. Here are 11 small American cities to visit for an authentic winter experience.

Image: DQmountaingirl/Flickr

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