Your First Look At Jason Momoa As Aquaman

Everyone, drop what they are doing because all of your Aquaman jokes are about to become invalid. Sorry, what? You mean normal people don't make Aquaman jokes? Well, I refuse to believe that. Standing alongside the powerhouse popular characters of Batman, Superman, and even Wonder Woman, Aquaman has long had a reputation (thanks to a certain Superfriends cartoon) of being a useless joke who can only save the day if the day is in danger somewhere near water. However, early Friday morning, Zack Snyder released the first photo of Jason Momoa's Aquaman for the upcoming DC films, and it is everything you need to start taking the King of the Seas very, very, very seriously.

Paired with the words "Unite the Seven," and the caption, "there is only one true King," the picture of Aquaman portrays him in a way very few people have seen him before. Gone is the scaly orange and green uniform that many people first think of when they think of the fictional hero, and, in its place, is a silver and black number that goes very well with his foreboding and serious face. He's also carrying the world's sharpest trident and just looks like a man who is well-prepared to ruin someone's day — and that's an understatement.

Of course, this comes as no surprise to comic book fans, since Aquaman is the hero that famously boasted in Adventure Comics #475: "Since you seem a bit confused, let me make this perfectly clear: I was in the world saving game when people like Firestorm and Black Lightning were still in diapers. I've worked hard to earn the respect and trust of every living creature below the waves, and I take my job very seriously — so get this through your head, punk. I'm Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas, and I'm the BEST!"

Check out the image below and familiarize yourself with the ultra-badass that is Aquaman.

Image: ZackSnyder/Twitter