Kanye West Delivered Yet Another Rant About Design

Another day, another Yeezy rant. What else is new, right? Kanye West went on a Twitter rant Friday morning, but this time it had nothing to do with Beyoncé or Beck. Nope, West's latest diatribe was all about design. Apparently, 'Ye thinks he's too famous to be fully accepted by the fashion world. Hmmmm. He has heard of Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, right?

This little Twitter session comes as a surprise after the musician-turned-designer appeared so down-to-earth in his recent interview with, but he was apparently triggered by Fern Mallis' comments about West's work. His Adidas collaboration, which debuted during NYFW, garnered mixed reviews, but as an artist, he should probably be used to some negative feedback by now.

Either way, Yeezy vented his frustrations via social media, elaborating on his decision not to refer to himself as a designer (apparently it has something to do with not attending Central Saint Martens) and stating that fame can actually be a setback when it comes to forging a career in fashion. Again, I direct him to MK and A, who have created a hugely successful design empire through their labels The Row and Elizabeth and James. Also — Victoria Beckham, anyone? She was a Spice Girl, for crying out loud!

West's first tweet was directed specifically at Mallis.

I'm really not sure what this last tweet even means. He was TOO FAMOUS to go to design school? Pretty sure they would've let him in if he'd even bothered to apply...

Is it, though???

Okay, these are actually some legit points. Sure, Kanye West has less chill than New York City right now (that's saying something — it's not even ten degrees outside), but he also has a right to artistic expression. Still, I don't think he needs to respond to all pieces of criticism by ranting via social media.