9 Unbelievable Photos Of Canada In Winter That'll Make This Weather Seem Trivial

It's been pretty frigid recently — whether it's snow, ice, or whipping winds, the elements are in full force in the northeastern United States. But if you're looking for a silver lining, keep in mind things can always be worse — especially when compared to our neighbors to the north. Seriously, if you're looking for a country that truly knows the meaning of the words "I'm freezing," you needn't look any further than Canada.

Here are 9 photos of Canada that prove Americans should chill about the cold — sorry, couldn't resist.

Snow Trenches

Imagine driving around like this! Actually, this photo kind of reminds me of the iconic climax of the first Star Wars film. But with snow, obviously.

Image: PEI_Stormchaser/Twitter

Into The Snow Tunnel

What do you do when your car is buried under a mountain of snow on all sides? Start digging, of course! Although you gotta wonder how safe this was — according to the Journal Pioneer, young engaged couple Marcel Landry and Stephanie Collicutt carved out a beautiful snow tunnel to try to find their disappeared car, stretching up to 25 feet.

Image: AnthonyFarnell/Twitter

Up Against The Wall


Image: gorhamsd/Twitter

Snowed Under

This must’ve been an incredibly rude awakening. According to this pictured guy’s tweet on Feb. 17, he was working the snowblower for hours before he’d finally carved out a narrow path of access to his car.

Image: Waggable1/Twitter

Wintery Wasteland

Zach Goudie of CBC captured some haunting images on his dashboard camera while riding through Kenmount Terrace back on Feb. 12 — in another tweet, he described it as resembling “the surface of the moon.”

Image: Zach Goudie/Twitter

Engine's Running Cold

I really don’t know how damaging this is for a car, and whether it would require costly repairs. But I hope not, for the sake of its owner.

Image: SayuriQc/Twitter

Snow Slide

Now this is dedication to the playground. Thanks to the elements and the slide’s concealed height, we can only guess at how tall that snow drift actually is — tall enough, at least, to make make for a rather surreal sight.

Image: superwaiyan/Instagram


Wishful Thinking

According to CBC’s Brian Higgins, who tweeted out this photo on Feb. 18, the road pictured was actually still open to traffic. It’d be a surprise if many people were sliding along, all the same.

Image: BrianHigginsCBC/Twitter