5 Reasons Julianne & Derek Hough Are The Perfect Sibling Duo

Sometimes it can be hard to get along with your siblings, but don't tell that to Julianne and Derek Hough. These two seem like the perfect sibling duo. They are both highly successful professional dancers who were cast on the television show Dancing With the Stars, and they've both become actors in television and movies.

Being only three years apart in age, Julianne and Derek have so much in common that their relationship could easily turn into a competition. Thankfully, that has not happened and their interaction seems to be the exact opposite. Not only that, but they have proven that it's possible for siblings to actually be close friends. When they have so much in common and spend so much time together on and off camera, it's a good thing that thes two Houghs get along so well.

What makes them such great BFFs?

They Support Each Other

When Julianne got the job as a judge on Dancing With the Stars , she talked with People about all the support she received from her brother: "He texted me today just to say, 'Hey, congrats babe! Saw that it's all out now...'" It's nice to see that he did not feel awkward or intimidated by his sister judging a show on which he is a contestant. That could have been a serious issue for some other sibling pairs.

They Dance Together

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Instead of making everything a competition where they battle or judge each other, sometimes the two Houghs dance together. They are both so talented and work very well together in a dancing partnership. The siblings even went on their Move On Live dancing tour this past year. Their parents must be so proud!

They Attend Industry Events Together

The nice thing about having so much professional overlap is that the Houghs can go to the same industry events like award shows, wrap parties, and press conferences. They will always have someone by their side for support at these events. No one has your back like a sibling and this is great in a work setting.

They Have Mutual Friends

The nice thing about having siblings so close in age is that they can share friends and all hang out together. There are plenty of photos on Instagram of Derek and Julianne hanging out with their mutual friends. #TotalBFFMove right there.

They Became Famous Together

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It sounds a little dumb to point out that Julianne and Derek Hough are brother and sister, but they are. And aside from everything else that they have in common, this is a big part of their bond. They understand what it is like to grow up Hough, and then to transition into fame. No one understands their lives like each other and its a unique asset to have. They are very lucky and the rest of the Houghs should be very proud!

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