Steve Carell Is Bringing Us What Sounds Like the Funniest New Game Show Ever

I'm not normally one for game shows, but even I have to admit, this sounds hilarious. And with Steve Carell on board, consider me sold. According to ABC, Carell is set to executive produce a new game show for Fox called Slide Show , which will, LITERALLY, features celebrities attempting to sing, perform dance routines, and participate in sketches, all while balancing on a stage that has been sloped at a 22.5 degree angle.

For all of you who dozed in Geometry class, that's a little under a third of a right angle — in other words, kind of steep. Hence the title: Slide Show.

"Comedy is subjective," Carell commented on the series in a press release, "but if you don't find Slide Show to be funny and enormously entertaining, then you will never be my friend." Duly noted, Steve Carell.

As of now, the game show has been picked up for eight episodes on Fox, but it's possible we'll see a lot more if the show turns out to be a hit — and it already is one internationally, so the chance of this is high. France, Portugal, and Australia are all already addicted, and different versions of the series are set to premiere in Spain, the Netherlands, and China soon.

No word yet on when to expect Slide Show to premiere, but if someone doesn't book the cast of The Office on this thing, it will have been all for nothing. Just saying.