The Best & Worst 2015 Oscars Moments, From Julie Andrews To 'Boyhood's Near Snub

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Now that they're over, it's safe to finally say it: no, the 2015 Oscars were not perfect. It's not all the show's fault — if having Neil Patrick harris host, Meryl Streep nominated, and Anna Kendrick perform can't make a night flawless, than what can? Awards shows are always a mixed bag, and this year's Academy Awards was certainly no exception.

Yet while it would've been nice to get one issue-free awards show this season, you have to admit that its flaws — and oh, this year, there were many — are part of what makes the Oscars so interesting. For every sight of Neil Patrick Harris in his undies, there was another gag about Octavia Spencer not looking closely enough at that box. But without the must-see moments, both the good and the bad, why else would we tune in instead of just reading the headlines on Monday morning? Read on for the 20 best and worst moments from this year's show.

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