Where To Buy 'Shark Tank's Keen Home Air Vents

Ah, Shark Tank, perpetually making me want to buy things I never thought I'd want — like, for example, air vents that connect to my Wi-Fi. What's that? Wi-Fi air vents, you say? You may not be sold yet, but after you take a look at Keen Homes, Shark Tank 's latest success story, you'll be scrambling off to Lowe's before you can say "Siri, my kitchen is too hot." Friday night's episode of Shark Tank introduced us to Nayeem Hussain and Ryan Fant', founders of Keen Home and the Smart Vent, the air vent that will save you money on utilities and make you realize how ugly your air vents are now.

The Smart Vent is the domestic version of sleeping with one leg out of your covers so you're not too hot or too cold. Keen Home's easy-to-install Smart Vent automatically connects to your Wifi and allows you to control the air flow of your house on a room-by-room basis via your iPhone or Android. For my fellow Smart House (1999) fans out there, the time has officially come to control even the most mundane household objects with your mobile telephone.

During the Shark Tank pitch, Fant explained that homes typically have two to four rooms that are either too hot or cold; Keen Home's Smart Vent regulates those rooms individually and actually reduces the amount of work your heating/cooling system has to do, thereby saving you money.

And it looks cool, too! The Smart Vent is surprisingly mesmerizing to look at, its aesthetic beauty showing you that being green isn't always ugly (ahem, Smart Cars). The Smart Vent is available with a variety of several different faceplate options, all of which look like something I would want to make my cover photo on Facebook. Seriously, guys, these are some dope looking air vents:

Though the Smart Vent is still receiving some finishing touches before it will be available for purchase, you can pre-order yours from the Keen Home website now, and save 30% off of your Smart Vent order. The website will even ask you some questions about your home and make a recommendation for how many vents your home will need for optimal air flow.

All in all, Shark Tank sold me on these money-saving Smart Vents; now all I need is a house to put them in and I will be on the road to my very own climate-controlled haven. For those of you looking to spruce up your air vents and make your home more energy efficient, Keen Home is the company for you and you can thank your friendly gang at Shark Tank when your vents are all tricked out and looking fresh for your next dinner party.

Also, let's be real: Life is way too short to have ugly air vents.

Images: ABC (2); Keen Home