Just How Much Does A No-Makeup Look Cost?

by Rikki Byrd

Let history serve as proof that long before the "I woke up like this" mantra, "beauty is only skin deep," was a much subtler way of claiming and promoting natural beauty. But current trends are making us question the concept of natural beauty and how exactly it is achieved. Some might say it's about forgoing cosmetics, while others might very well find it in a container of Ben Nye contouring powder and some on-fleek eyebrows. Whether you choose a side or not, the no-makeup trend is the latest obsession of celebrities and beauty bloggers, alike. Just how much product goes into achieving such a look? Internet star Molly Soda's new "Woke Up Like This" series seeks to find the answer.

In her videos, Soda hilariously juxtaposes a makeup tutorial video next to a Mac Photobooth video of herself, in which she follows along with each beauty vlogger. While the vloggers talk and talk, Soda makes funny facial expressions, digs in her nose and drinks water out of a jar. Even if you're a beauty fan, you can't help but laugh. Soda also displays each product used and, as if on the Price Is Right, adds up the total cost. Some of these no-makeup looks cost more than $200, others are more in the $100 range, but am I only the one thinking that that's a huge price to pay to achieve so-called "natural" beauty.

It should be noted, as Jezebel points out, that Soda's videos don't diminish or invalidate women who wear makeup or women who rock the no-makeup look. Instead, they merely point out how "distinctly different each woman's 'natural' ritual is" and seek to dispel the problematic #wokeuplikethis myth.

In a time where women are joining forces to celebrate differing body types and skin colors it seems obvious to state that "natural" is not linear. Rather, it involves the multidimensionality that makes us each special. Women are embracing their individuality more and more, as evidenced by Keira Knigtley's un-retouched topless photos for Interview, Winnie Harlow loving the skin that she's in, and more. Women are stepping into their respective lights and shining for all to see — makeup, no makeup, or no-makeup "looks."

Images: mollysoda/YouTube