Dream Merch For Ariana Grande Fans

So, Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour kicks off in just a few short days (four to be exact, but I mean, who’s counting?), and I’ve already got my calendar marked. Who’s with me?! In conjunction with her tour, Ariana Grande is offering fun merch for fans to wear while screaming the lyrics to their fav songs, which reminds me... I should probably learn every single word, right? Excuse me while I break for a mini-jam session right now.

Ok, I’m back. And I’ve gotten my cardio for the day. Phew! Anyways, if you check out the merchandise that’s available you’ll find that it’s adorable, which is totally in keeping with her style (and personality). But, what you also can’t help but notice is how limited the selection is. I mean, there are only three options: one super cute and comfy sweatshirt that I can’t wait to buy and two tees (one cropped, one regular). I can’t help it — I just want more!

On behalf of Ariana fans everywhere, I decided to provide her with some ideas for future merch collections, because there's definitely room for some of her signatures in my wardrobe, and I think you’ll agree. If any of this was ever actually sold, it would be amazing. And yes, you can thank me later.

Cat Ears

Ariana’s go-to accessory would be the most absolute perfect thing for her to design and then sell to Arianators. I’d like to pre-order mine now.


So you can match the "Problem" singer and her friend Miley Cyrus, of course! How fun would it be to go to a concert in one of these? I'm thinking she should create a cat one, y'know, to match the ears. Oooh, or a bunny!

IDFWU Personalized Shirt

So, technically these aren’t her song lyrics, but I’m sure Big Sean wouldn’t mind sharing them with his love. How cool would it be to be able to personalize these, too?

Love Me Harder Lyric Video Shirt

Ok, so she’s got a “Love Me Harder” shirt already, but how about another option? I loved this music video, and it’s really easy to get a great screengrab from basically any point in the video. So, why not put one on a shirt? I mean, I’d wear it (everyday).

For Love & Lemons Collab

Ariana’s very loyal to the brand, which has designed her concert outfits in the past. She's often seen wearing their bralettes, so I’m thinking it’s time for them to collaborate. I’d love to see her come up with something for the brand that fans could purchase to show their support.

So, no, none of these are actually a thing — yet. But, here’s to hoping they become more than just figments of my imagination one day! A girl can dream, can’t she?

Image: Vevo Screengrab