10 Fashion Hacks You Should Know

Whoever coined the phrase "there are no shortcuts in life" didn't get the memo about life hacks. Because, sorry (not sorry), there are more than a few choice shortcuts worth taking, especially when it comes to keeping yourself polished and presentable. Consider these fashion hacks an ingenious — not to mention quick and easy — way to style nirvana, or something like that.

  • No more shedding. Put your angora and mohair sweaters in a Ziploc bag and place in the freezer for, at least, three hours.
  • Don't go to work with a wrinkly blouse on. While you're showering, hang the wrinkled clothing on the shower rod (but not too close to the water!), so that the steam can work its magic. Be sure to close the door, any windows, and of course, make it a long shower for best results.
  • Red wine spill? Don't fret too much. Fight fire with fire — or in this case, fight it with white wine.
  • Lift oil stains out of clothes by leaving baby powder on the trouble spot overnight. Then wash accordingly. I've heard salt works too, but the former always does the trick for me.
  • Avoid runs in tights by spraying them with hairspray. But if you do spot a hole or run, avoid even more ripping by painting the edges with clear nail polish.
  • Break in that new pair of shoes by placing two Ziploc bags filled with water — one for each — in the shoes and let them sit in the freezer overnight. The freezing water will expand slightly providing a natural stretch to the shoe.
  • Prone to sweat stains? Before sticking them in the washer, spray the underarm area with lemon juice.
  • Feeling lazy whilst trying on jeans? Take the waistband and wrap it around your neck. If the ends touch, chances are, they'll fit nicely around your waist.
  • Shaving cream, when applied lightly, can help to remove foundation from shirt collars… and I know we're all guilty of getting makeup caked onto our clothes.
  • The quickest way to make your leather jacket look perfectly worn in? Get caught in the rain, intentionally. I'm not saying, stand for long periods of time in a torrential downpour, but do get a little wet for a more weathered effect.

Image: Rubbermaid on Flickr