7 Ways Spring Can Be A Total Bummer

While the arrival of spring is quickly approaching and we're all too eager to celebrate the coming of a warmer season, we should maybe slow our collective rolls. There are many wonderful things about spring, but also some really sucky things. For people who live in snowy climates and have spent the last few months trying to dig themselves out of their houses just to get to work, the approaching spring season is the light at the end of the dark tunnel of winter. The snow will melt and the puffy coats will be packed away. The sweaters will go from wool and cable-knit to light cotton and three-quarter sleeves. It's all very exciting.

But then there are the crappy parts of spring that are never any fun. Every season has a flaw or two (except for fall, of course, which is perfect in every way). In some parts of the country, spring is only a two-week transition between winter chills and summer humidity when everyone is relieved that the snow is gone, but annoyed by the fact that none of the summer fun can begin yet. Here are the most disappointing things about spring, because it's not all egg decorating and flowers blooming.

1. Bugs are back

Fleas hatch and attack our furry friends. Mosquitoes begin their descent into areas of stagnant bodies of water. Bees get to their honey-making business and are prepared to sting you if needed. I understand that all insects serve a purpose, but if their lives are spent scaring us, biting us, or stinging us, then we could really do without.

2. Pastel colors aren't always flattering

Winter colors are dark, rich, and look good on just about anyone. Pastels are lighter and often expose the level of pasty we've allowed our skin to become during the winter months.

3. Mud is everywhere

Snow is melting and it's getting hotter, which means those sludgy piles of snow are becoming mud traps. They are all over and they're ready to splatter onto your jeans or swallow your feet whole. Beware.

4. The season is too short

For the most part, this is a beautiful season and the temperatures are comfortable. But summer humidity seems to creep in a week or two after spring has really sprung, and we're forced to trade our rain boots in for flops.

5. Snow is still a possibility

Just when you think you're safe from the winter blues, it snows in the middle of May. There's a chance it could even happen in June. Awesome.

6. Hibernation is a tough thing to shake

You get used to the winter life. You start to like having to stay in and bundle up and only watch Netflix because it's too damn cold to go out into the world. And now you just have to adapt? Now you have to socialize? Ugh.

7. Rain isn't always fun

Rain is amazing the first, second, third, and even fourth time it occurs in a two-week period. But spring is typically a rain-heavy season, and even your most intense hairspray is no match for it. Drowned rat is never a good look. Thanks a lot, spring.

Images: Christine Majul/Flickr; Giphy (7)