11 Weird Lipsticks Available Now That You Should Definitely Be Trying — Let's Let Green Lips Live!

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Whether the slow melt towards spring is starting to happen where you live or you feel like a wild army of groundhogs have cursed you to infinite more weeks of winter, cabin fever has likely dug its sharp little claws into you. If you're still bundling up, the quickest way to flash some personality through the layers is with a bright pop of color in the middle of your face. If you're starting to think spring, why not shed your winter red for something more playful and daring? Like some bizarre but utterly remarkable lipstick?

Regardless of what kind of fresh look you're anxious for, lipstick is the easy answer for a low-cost and low-commitment change that makes a big impact. Just like putting a new coat of paint on a room changes the whole space, a new hue on your lips is going to completely change your style. So why not go a little over the top with an unconventional color or finish? Push yourself out of your beauty rut or add to your already eclectic arsenal with these 11 shades:

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