12 Emotional Stages Of Falling In Love With A Book

Oh, you have a new book you're about to start reading? That's fun. But it's not all fun. Cracking open the pages of a new book or series is a responsibility in feelings and you will experience all the ups and downs of entering that new world. It's out of your control. That's what good authors have power to do. They will bring you inside the hearts of their characters and make you feel it all.

And it doesn't really matter what the book is about; your emotional journey will always follow the same general path. It will begin with a mild case of skepticism, because the book has some buzz or a coworker told you to give it a read, or it ended up on a recommended reading list based on your previous book picks. Your mind reacts in a rebellious manner, like How do they know I'll like this book? I mean, can it really be THAT good? Almost as if the book is a magic trick and you refuse to be another sucker who falls for it. But once the words jump off the page and into your mind, you start to feels things – lots of things. The book has you in its clutches and shows no signs of letting you go. Here are the emotional stages of falling in love with a book or series.

1. Curiosity

OK, OK. You'll bite. Let's see if the leading lady is just as badass as everyone says she is.

2. Judgment

Whatever the characters are like in the beginning, you aren't ready to accept them. You have a basic understanding of what's about to happen in the book because of the buzz, and you can't picture these ordinary characters turning into extraordinary heroes.

3. Moderate Fascination

Hmm... well, that was unexpected. Something will happen in the beginning of the book to hook your soul and keep you reading.

4. Hunger

So, um... these characters are way more complex than you had anticipated and the thought of abandoning them now way scarier than it should be.

5. Nervousness

Now you're in this, and you have yet to reach the climax of the story. You know something bad is coming, but you're powerless to protect the characters (your new BFFS) from whatever is out to destroy them.

6. Stress

Oh god. There it is. There's the obstacle. How are they going to survive this? Things are about to get dangerous.

7. Fear

NOOOOOO. Don't leave now, new friends! You can do this! You have to overcome. You have to survive.

8. Hope

Ah... a loophole. Just what your brilliant protagonist needs to escape the evil clutches of the villain.

9. Infatuation

At this point, you're fairly certain you haven't peed in hours, you skipped lunch (which never ever happens), and it's getting dark out. You never want to put this book down. And even when it's time to sleep, you assume you will dream of only this tale.

10. Determination

Your character is battling his or her demons and refuses to give up. Everything is intense and you can hardly breathe. It's inspiring to witness and you start planning how to accomplish every goal on your bucket list. Because of the leading character in this book can overcome _______, you can succeed in _______.

11. Despair

The moment you realize there are only one or two more chapters left in the book and know that life will be extremely bleak without it.

12. Thirst

After the book or series ends, you still need more. Whether it's watching the movie version, rereading the book or series immediately and in its entirety, or hitting up the fan forums, your thirst needs to be quenched. Because you are in love and the love is all too real.

Image: Nathan O'Nions/flickr; Giphy (12)