Oscar Winner For Best Foreign Language Film Totally Wins For Lasting Longer Than The Music — VIDEO

Since the Oscars are famous for running well over the allotted three-hour time slot, the cut-off music of the orchestra is wielded at the drop of a dime...or rather anytime someone thanks their loved ones for more than 60 seconds. However, there was one brave soldier who refused to be played off. Paweł Pawlikowski of Poland accepted the Oscar for Best Foreign Film for Ida, and promptly stole the hearts of many an Oscar viewer during his acceptance speech.

Just as the music slowly rolled in, Pawlikowski began a glorious and passionate speech about his love for his fellow countrymen, their ability to have a drink, and especially for the committed crew of the film who were watching from home. Not only did he manage to speak OVER the music, he managed to cut it off. Poland took the Oscar and took the Orchestra... and Paweł Pawlikowski may have just upped Poland's filmmaking and tourism in a major way. I don't know about you, but after hearing him give his speech and conquer the cut-off music, I could really go for a jaunt to the land of pierogies and Paweł Pawlikowski. This guy knows how to party.

The clip is even more epic that words can do justice. Check it out:

Here's the transcript of the best winner of the night's speech:

Life lesson: Never give up. Even when the music is playing you off stage.