What Would The Title Of Your Sex Tape Be?

Any sex tape worth its salt should have a title as memorable as the action inside, so when #TheTitleOfMySexTape was trending on Twitter this weekend, I expected nothing but perfect puns — like One Night In Paris. I personally haven't heard of a better name for a sex tape than Paris Hilton's. As far as content is concerned, though, the most notorious release of the genre is without a doubt Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's "marital" video — so why doesn't it have a name of its own? If only #TheTitleOfMySexTape (and Twitter) had been around back in 1995.

While there isn't a clever title to denote just how funny the blonde bombshell and the Motley Crue drummer's taped adventures are, don't be fooled, because this tape has it all. Steering a boat with your penis? Check. Freshly baked birthday cake? Check. Constant use of the word, "weenis"? Check. What more could you want out of a sex tape, besides actual sex? The only thing missing is the perfect name — something marketers clearly missed the boat on.

Although there are many other celebrity sex tapes, few have the titles to back them up. Screeched by — you guessed it — Saved By The Bell actor Dustin Diamond is the only one that comes to mind besides the hotel heiress'. The takeaway from all this is that people who capture their bedroom activities digitally need a catchy name for their endeavors. We could all take some inspiration from these Twitter-generated sex tape titles: