Bow Wow Didn't 'Catfish' Anyone, But These 10 Celebs Might!

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So Tuesday night's episode of Catfish — totally batshit insane, right? I mean, did anyone ever think that Bow Wow was behind the devious mind that messed with lovesick and celeb-obsessed little Keyonnah? No, of course not. But did we expect that her catfisher was also an androgynous woman named Dee (short for Dee Pimpin' which is apparently shorthand for "really great rap career") who was so self-absorbed and clueless that she'd flit about her entire life on the backs of her hardworking, money-earning "support system" and then throw that $10,000 at this straight girl because she "loves a challenge" though, either? Oh hell to the fucking no!

But it's just those unsuspecting, you-can't-make-this-shit-up sort of stuff that leads one to think that, yeah, I mean — maybe just maybe there are celebrities out there who would try their hand at the catfish game. I mean, celebrities are just like us! They put their shoes on one at a time (unless it's awards season!) just like us normals. Sorta.

So! We've decided to hypothesize who we could totally imagine getting all caught up in a catfishing scheme. We've caught you red-handed in the catfish pool, nerds! Only not at all really because this is fake. But still! It's always fun to imagine, right?

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