Things Guys Do That Would Be Weird For Girls

Guys and girls are, like, so different, am I right? Like, men are from Mars and women are totally from Venus! This Buzzfeed video shows how different men and women are by uproariously having a girl do things guys stereotypically do, in order to highlight how different the sexes are. So different! Very crazy! Much gender! I'm not totally filled with sarcasm about it. Although, admittedly, some of these are salient points, especially the first two: manspreading and peeing. Having a woman spread her legs wide while sitting in a public space really does stress the point that ANYONE sitting like this is an idiot. Likewise, showing a woman stop to pee against a random wall in public makes a good point about how no one wants to see anyone peeing anywhere in public at any time.

But then, a lot of the points are things I see women doing all the time, like farting with no shame. Or putting their hand down the front of their pants when "getting comfortable". I know lots of women who "bond" or "bro-out" with other women or men, and definitely have many friends who are completely indifferent to things. And the boob conversation at the end: I'd venture to guess women talk about their boob size with one another much more than men talk about their penis size. Anyway, maybe you are your friends are "normal" women, and will relate to this video:

Meanwhile, here are 4 quintessentially male things I think would be weird for women to do:

1. Catcalling (because I'd like to think we're more evolved than that)

2. Smelling each others fingers after a conquest (I don't know if guys do this in real life but I've seen it in teen sex-romp movies)

3. Pranks in public with our naked genitals (I don't know about you, but high school for me was just watching one prolonged dick trick)

4. Getting a morning boner (because like, where would that even come from?!?!?!?!)

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