16 Reasons to Rock the Socks + Sandals Trend

I used to think the socks with sandals look was reserved for old people with botched feet or for quick trips to take the trash out on a particularly chilly day. But after seeing this trend pop up on the runways of Hermès and on the websites of my favorite bloggers, I'm convinced that the socks with sandals trend is actually pretty chic.

Of course, there are a few rules to nailing this trend. First of all, you can't just rock a flip flop. The sandal has to be cool and functional with socks. Secondly, the sock has to be cute, too. No worn out gym socks, guys. Let this be the time to bust out your favorite printed knee-highs or thick, wool tights. Last rule: you have to make sure you own it! If you look confident wearing your socks with sandals, you'll have everyone convinced that you're way ahead of the fashion game — which you totally are.

Fashion blogger extraordinaire and personal role model Leandra Medine, aka the Man Repeller, created a guide for how to pull this look off. And even though the past two days have had a low of three degrees fahrenheit, I'm dreaming of spring days when I can finally give this look a try. If you're still not convinced, look below for inspiration.

1. An easy way to keep warm in the winter is to pair a sandal with an over-the-knee sock, so you get maximum warmth.

2. The same goes for the warmer days—shorter socks means you can rock this trend even in the summer.

3. A cozy pair of socks paired with an oversized sweater is the definition of lazy girl chic.

4. Add a little sophistication to a whimsical trend.

5. A statement colored sock can add just the pop you need for an outfit.

6. A short, peeking sock pulls together a flirty school girl aesthetic.

7. Who doesn't want to look like Cher and Dionne?

8. Pair with a sporty sandal and you're practically ready for a fashion mag editorial.

9. There's something pleasing about matching girly frills with hardcore studs.

10. Can you say '90s? Printed sock + shiny platforms = Spiceworld reincarnated.

11. Tevas aren't just for hiking and swimming anymore. They're perfect for a long stroll through the city.

12. Fashion is all about mixing high and low, and there's no better example of that than pairing a Nike sock with a cut-out pump.

13. I don't know that anything has been more comfortable than slides and socks together.

14. Picking a sock in the same family of hues adds an interesting offset. Monochromatic colors, we love you.

15. And of course, if you want to liven up an otherwise classic shoe, why not add color and pattern?

16. Getting sick of a particular patterned shoe? Add a grey sock. Or a white, a nude, or a navy. Voilà, you just added about four new ways to wear your shoe.

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