T. Swift Just Made A HUGE Donation

It's been a few months since the highly anticipated and whirlwind release of Taylor Swift's 1989, and along with giving us some of the most catchy pop hits to kick of the new year, Swift continues to be one of the most charitable celebrities around. (Like, she was literally considered the most charitable celeb in 2014.) Beyond giving to her beloved charities and being the most generous pop star to her fans, Swift proclaimed her love for her newly adopted city of New York and was signed on to be NYC's Global Welcome Ambassador. And how did she give back to the new city she adores so much? The best way Taylor Swift can, by donating $50,000 to NYC public schools.

OK, I have a little something to confess. When I was jetting back to NYC from a trip to Florida, I rolled my eyes a bit at those massive Taylor Swift "Welcome to New York" posters I was being accosted with at every corner. It was a little bit of my bitter New Yorker coming out, thinking of how easy it must be for Taylor Swift to love NYC because she lives in a multi-million dollar penthouse in Tribeca and doesn't need to trudge through garbage ridden snow to get to the Subway, but I came to my senses, and you know why? Because as Bustle's Martha Sorren has explored, Swift doesn't need to apologize for her "obnoxious" love of New York City — this is only her unique experience of the city. And not only that, Swift has proven to be a woman of her word and she is one celebrity who really uses her influence to actually give back.

Back in October, Swift told the ladies of The View of her plans for her New York-themed single, saying "["Welcome to New York"] is selling really, really well, which is good because I’m donating all of my proceeds to New York City public schools." After her announcement, Department of Education spokeswoman Devora Kaye released a statement praising Swift for her gift, saying they were "deeply appreciative of this kind gesture." Following that announcement, Swift also took part in an event in NYC for Scholastic's "Open a World of Possible," in which she shared with children the power of reading and writing, something very dear to her heart.

Well, talk is talk, but Capital New York confirmed that Swift recently did donate $50,000, and although she has not yet publicly announced it, Department of Education officials can confirm it.

Of course, as is the case with Taylor Swift, it didn't take very long for some backlash to arise concerning the actual revenue from the single. Some outlets have questioned and calculated that the actual earnings from the single are far beyond the $50K, and that there is a disparity in the amount Swift made for herself. Well I say, since we do not know the details of this exchange, what should be celebrated here is that she gave over a generous check to a wonderful cause.

So, go on Taylor. Although she doesn't need to prove anything, it's nice to know that she stands by her word and respects the city and the people that have welcomed her with open arms. I have a feeling that the inspiration will be mutual.

Images: Getty Images; Giphy; t-swiftz/Tumblr