10 Essential White T-Shirts for Your Collection of Wardrobe Staples

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We've all read those well-meaning lists of "wardrobe essentials every woman should own." A perfect trench. A perfect black pant. The problem is, one woman's perfect pant is another woman's dumpy, misshapen disaster, and if there's a trench coat that looks good on every woman, it's probably Burberry (cha-ching!). Finding the "perfect" anything sounds immediately stressful, but these are the foundations of your wardrobe, and they're supposed to make your life simpler, not more complicated. In an attempt to help you be a more perfect you (aww), we're rounding up 10 of each staple so you can see all the best options in one place. First up, an item that shouldn't be as hard to find as it is: the perfect white t-shirt.

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