15 Affordable '70s Clothing Pieces You Need To Make Your Wardrobe Groovy (For Under $60) This Spring

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With all the Fashion Weeks happening right now, I'm starting to get confused which pictures are throwback from the 1970s and which are trends reemerging today. The '70s are definitely having a moment (again), and the trend seems to be picking up fast. Although this fashion month is debuting looks from A/W 2015, the very best '70s looks are already popping up in stores.

In case you're needing to update — erm, throwback? — your closet to include trends from the 1970s, here are 15 things to add to your closet to master the trend this season. Now is the time I would actually borrow a piece of clothing from right this instant. Oh, and don't worry: They're all under $60, so you don't have to pick just one.

Image: -Marcus/Fotolia

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