17 Wildcrafted Beauty Products To Help You Remember The Outdoors When Stuck Inside

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I'm sure you can do it if you try, so give it a shot with me: be outside. In the summer, I ride my bike everywhere, enjoying the smells and colors of the lush plant life. There's forever a foraged bouquet or two on the kitchen table and nightstand in an attempt to bring nature's fragrant spoils indoors — I love plants and I adore being outside. But winter is pretty short on both.It feels like the only wilderness I've seen in months is the forest of hair I'm growing on my legs right now. Winter is bleak, y'all and my nature loving-self is starting to feel pretty defeated — there are only so many plants I can fill my house with, you know? Thanks to one of the latest natural beauty trends, however, my self care routine can bring me a little solace.

The terms "wildcrafted" or "wild-harvested" have been popping up on ingredient labels lately and the products aren't just a good reminder of summer: They're great for your skin and the environment, too. Beauty brands are saying that sustainably-harvested wild ingredients have a better efficacy due to higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants naturally found in the plants. Whatever, I'm into it either way: Slathering plants on my body lets me pretend to be a very glamorous wood nymph. And you can be, too, with these 17 wildcrafted beauty products!

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