7 Acceptable Ways To Wear Black In The Spring

by Hayli Goode

According to most of the world, spring fashion usually means florals, pinks, bright colors, and soft shades of makeup. While I love all of that, my preference to neutral colors and all things black kind of trumps all trendy hues, no matter the season. Over the past few years, however, I've realized that wearing black in the spring or summer makes people ask "Are you doing all right?" and "Are you feeling a bit depressed lately?" or, my personal favorite, "Are you trying this new goth-princess style?" The latter said by my very fashionable mother on one of our many shopping trips in which she tried to expand the colors in my closet.

While I don't wear black because I'm trying the alleged "goth-princess" style, it seems to be the common thought when flowers bloom outside. I happen to just like the classic color. It does go with everything, after all. Well, except spring, apparently.

In fall and winter, fashion magazines constantly tell me that black can be worn year-round. But as the temperatures rise, I always see a decline in black pieces. Here are 7 ways you can wear black in the warmer temps that won't encourage any annoying lines of questioning.

1. Sunglasses

Spring means sun. And sun means protective eyewear. Add a pop of black to your bright outfit with a pair of dark sunglasses. If you're already wearing black, this pair is perfect for the spring season without going over-blacked out. The "lace" appliqué on the sides of the sunglasses is a fun addendum to a dark outfit.

Lace Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses, $18,

2. Rompers

That's right, black can totally be the statement piece. This particular romper is perfect for work parties or summer concerts. If your mother/friends are still nagging you to make it more spring-y, like mine would, pair it with some bright shoes and bright earrings.

Songbird Black Off-The-Shoulder Romper, $47,

3. Leather

Leather can be worn in the springtime, too! In fact, it looks even cooler in unexpected pieces, like flippy skirts.

Faux Leather Skater Skirt, $15.80,

4. With Crochet Details

Delicate details like crochet or lace helps take away some of the harshness of an all-black outfit.

Wide-Cut Lace Blouse, $29.95,

5. Makeup

One of the easiest ways to wear black in the spring? On your eyes. Play with your makeup using gel eyeliner to add extended winged tip or finally practice lining the bottom lids of your eyes. Just like in winter, keep the rest of your makeup fresh so your eyes stay at the focus of your look.

Sephora Collection Rio Night Waterproof Gel Eyeliner, $5,

6. Shoes

Black shoes definitely have a place in spring. In fact, they're probably the easiest color to pair with all the neons you'll be adding to your wardrobe.

Quipid T-Strap Fringe Heels, $40.99,

8. Bows

Bows have spring written all over them, even if they're dark in color. A black bow can balance out the ultra-girliness of a floral dress or add a touch of femininity to cutoffs and a muscle tee. You can DIY a bow with some ribbon, or snag one that's all done for you at the store.

Ripped Hair Bow, $2.80,

Images: Remains/Fotolia; Courtesy Brands