London Fashion Week Street Style Is Bananas

Seemingly bottomless vat of information that is [Insert City Here] Fashion Week brings us some interesting topical content from across the pond. Specifically, what the heck is going on with London Fashion Week’s accessories? Channeling everything from My Little Pony to a 1970s retro motif, it’s unclear where or how it began, but LFW’s “best ofs” are decidedly bananas — from fur in every conceivable shade to toy-themed apparel.

New York Fashion Week feels like a dreamy distant memory when compared to what we’re seeing play out in England. While New York remained predominantly (and elegantly) true-to-form, London seems to be channeling her inner 5-year-old in her mom’s closet — all at once playful, imaginative, and chic. Because why shouldn’t blue fur be a part of your wardrobe? Why not geometric shapes and pastel hues? Why not wear a designer interpretation of your favorite childhood horse, you know? (“We collaborated with My Little Pony and Michael Wolf who is an amazing photographer in Hong Kong,” Fyodor Golan told Wonderland of their buzz-worthy aesthetic.)

But don’t simply take our word for it: take a look for yourself below with a round-up of a few of our favorite of London’s wildest statement looks.

We'll take one of everything, thanks.