Kim's #Wokeuplikethis Selfie Is Different

by Sienna Fantozzi

I'm always skeptical of the #wokeuplikethis photos on Instagram. You know, the ones where people try to pass off natural makeup as no makeup. But the latest morning snap is a question mark for slightly different reasons. Kim Kardashian slept in her makeup, and it somehow still looks immaculate in the morning.

Kardashian posted a selfie to Instagram on Tuesday, captioned "Ugh I hate falling asleep with all of my make up on!" The Keeping Up With The Kardashian's star broods for the camera with full makeup on, including spider eyelashes, dark lined eyes, contoured cheeks, and blush pink lips. But I've got some doubts. Obviously, this is terrible for your skin, and Kim just spoke to Into The Gloss about her beauty regimen, revealing "I used to just go on a flight, fall asleep in my makeup, and not care. Now I really wash it off—first with a wipe, and then I use the By Terry Pureté de Rose Refreshing Cleansing Gel because it smells like rose." So I mean, all kinds of contradictions going on over here. But also, how is her face still immaculate? Why isn't her makeup smudged? Is her pillow spot-free? Personally, I take off my makeup every night and somehow still wake up in the morning with black smudges halfway down my cheek. Kim, if you can seriously can keep your makeup in tact overnight, share your secrets.

Images: Getty Images; kimkardashian/Instagram; Giphy