Betsey Johnson Kleenex Boxes Have So Many Uses

I don't think too much about tissues, other than purchasing the super soft, lotion-infused varieties to keep my nose and lips from getting chapped when using them, especially in winter. Sometimes I stock up around Halloween, for those limited edition ghoulish boxes, but otherwise? They're not exactly a big part of my home decor. However, punk rock designer Betsey Johnson has designed four Kleenex boxes and now I am seriously thinking about tissues… more specifically about tissue shopping this weekend and how to repurpose the boxes.

The Betsey x Kleenex boxes for the Ready to Care Collection are totally the bright, utterly feminine, and completely Warholian aesthetic that Johnson is known for. There's lots of pink, black, red, roses, and zippers. The boxes instantly up tissues from things you use to wipe your nose into a statement decorative piece.

These boxes will totally dress up your nightstand or vanity. Did I mention I plan to buy like five boxes of each?! I will never need tissues again.

"I am so excited to announce my product collaboration with Kleenex brand – our designs are bright, bold, pretty and punk! The product assortment is perfect for all of my Betsey babes," said the designer in a press release. "I've always loved the product, but this line is about more than just the tissues – the boxes are perfect to hold makeup brushes and the wallet packs can hold all of your cards! I can't wait for everyone to get their hands on this rockin' line," said Johnson.

There are four designs: The "Zip It," which, naturally, has zippers; "Kiss Me," which boasts vintage florals and a kiss; "I Heart Betsey," which is flowery; and "Seeing Spots" has that classic Betsey print.

Betsey and Kleenex want to know what you plan to do with the boxes by hashtagging at #KleenexBetseyStyle.

Here are five ways I will repurpose mine. Feel free to borrow my ideas, loves!

1. Pen Holder

I have so many Sharpies and pens since I still make manual lists. I will ditch the boring desk top pen cups in favor of using a Betsey Kleenex box.

2. Lip Gloss Caddy

I have a lip gloss addiction and find tubes all over my house. I'd turn a box into a lip gloss caddy and use for storage so I don't have to look at them, but can keep them all in one, easy-to-reach place.

3. Puppy Meds

My handsome English bulldog Higgins has dry eye so he gets daily, custom-blended eyedrops. Plus, he sometimes needs a painkiller for his bad knee. And every now and then, he gets an ear infection and has cream for that. It's common for the breed, so I keep all of his meds in a clear container on the kitchen countertop. I will ditch the snoozy container and store his stuff fashionably!

4. On The Q-tip(s)

I do a black, liquid liner cat eyes almost daily and anyone who also does this knows it requires Q-tips and cotton swabs to clean up the lines. I'm going to store my Q-tips in the Betsey box and situate it on my toilet tank! Fancy!

5. Secret Stash

Secret stuff—like a small emergency cash stash, since I no longer use debit cards after mine was compromised last month, among other stuff—will go in a Betsey box on either my dresser or in my closet. I like my closet to be organized and certain things to be easy to locate and this will help.

Images: Kleenex/PR Newswire (3); Giphy (4); Amy Sciarretto/Instagram (1)