This Couple Got Revenge On An Office Lunch Thief In A Brutal Way We've Only Ever Dreamed Of


Once I worked in an office where I was required to come in on Christmas Eve. The night before, with my parents visiting, I'd gone to Pies'n'Thighs (a very important Brooklyn establishment) where I consciously decided not to stuff myself sick in order to have leftovers for work the following day, which I was already grumpy about. Cut to lunch time at the office, and me literally skipping to the fridge with happiness gushing out of every orifice: I was so excited to eat my Pies'n'Thighs, only to find it had been taken, and I assume eaten, by some unknown, subhuman monster. You know what I did? I let a single tear roll down my cheek, then sent out an angry group email (as you do). Such was not the case for this couple who, when faced with the same kind of lunch stealing office criminal, took matters into their own hands and smothered to-be-stolen lunches in insanely hot chili sauce. If only I'd had the foresight to know someone would stoop so low as to take my Pies'n'Thighs, I might've done that same.

This incredible husband and wife team (seriously, he makes her a home-cooked lunch every day AND they execute revenge plots together? #relationshipgoals) decided to take revenge when the wife's lunches kept getting stolen at work. The husband, like all good husbands should, totally had her back, and posted their story to Reddit, saying:

The note then points to this clanger from a user called SultanofShit, which I sincerely hope is real, and related:

I hope we've all learned our lesson here today: Never take another person's lunch from the office fridge, because everyone else will think it's totally funny for them to mess with it to get to you, and absolutely no one will feel bad for you when you're hurling chunks in the bathroom.

Images: guzzphoto/Flickr; Giphy