One Direction Announced Their Next Single In a Predictably Millennial Way

You know what astonishes me on a daily basis? The fact that, at any time, any individual member of One Direction has more followers on Twitter than the Associated Press, one of the most trusted and major sources of news in the world. While the nation deals with the government shutdown and impending economical collapse, this is what tweens are focusing their time on. And that's okay, I guess — not everyone needs to devote their whole day's attention to what's going on with the country. But while AP was tweeting about the ongoing standoff between Rep. John Boehner and President Obama, One Direction was tweeting about their new single, and that is what we're going to talk about. Of course.

So, One Direction's next single is: Drumroll please, yadda yadda yadda... "Story of My Life." It's off their upcoming album, "Midnight Memories," and will be released about a month ahead of the album — on Oct. 28. If One Direction's previous statements about the album are true, the song should have a "slightly rockier tone" than previous songs, which is different, I guess. The video for the song will also be released, which was apparently filmed in Australia.

The boys, of course, announced the news in the most millennial way possible: Twitter. Would we expect anything different?

"Midnight Memories" will be released on Nov. 25.