11 Palate-Cleansing TV Shows That Are Perfect For When You Just Watched Something Intense & Can't Sleep

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We've all been there. Whether it was a documentary on whale euthanasia or an especially ominous episode of Breaking Bad, you accidentally watched the wrong thing before bed. Now, you're either too depressed, scared, or existentially restless to drift off to sleep. You need something to chase the intensity of that experience with, lest you have the most unsettling dreams ever. Enter, your TV palate cleanser — a shot of neutral, happy, or soothing TV to take the edge off of an intense show or movie.

Typically, these palate cleansers fall into the genres of sitcoms, space documentaries, or episodic reality shows. What they all have in common are the fact that they effectively restore you to a state of psychological balance after some more aggressive programming. Also, they're all available to stream! Here are the 11 best palate cleansing shows that are readily available to you at any time, for the next time that you make the mistake of watching The English Patient before bed.

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