7 DIY Projects You Can Do Instead Of Texting

You know the mood: You're at home alone after a day of work and all your friends are weirdly nowhere to be found. You've cooked and eaten dinner, there's nothing on TV, and Netflix just isn't doing it for you right now. You're restless and bored and looking for some kind of distraction to make you feel less so. You pick up your phone. After exhausting your social media browsing, you start thinking about... You know who. He/She Who Shall Not Be Named—the person you text when you're restless and bored to make you feel less so. The person who makes you feel sexier and more wanted than you currently do in your anxious, aimless state. Unfortunately, that person also makes you feel neglected when, after some serious flirtation, you don't hear from them for weeks on end. You've been through this. You KNOW you shouldn't text them. You know it, your friends know it, even the person you want to text knows it. And usually, it's not even hard to avoid texting them. In most moments of your life, you barely even think about them, but right now, in these moments where you don't have anything else you distract you, it starts to seem like an entertaining, harmless way to pass the time.

Everyone knows the kind of texting I'm talking about. It's the crack of texting: It makes you feel good for a short while, and then leaves you out on your ass, feeling worse than when you began. But we can make a change! And it's as simple as this: Don't text that person that you shouldn't be texting. A sure fire way to avoid such texting is to do something else instead. I know that sounds annoyingly obvious, but it's the thing we too often fail to do. Just literally do something else. Since I am such a Domestic Goddess, I'm here to give you some suggestions.

Home alone with no plans and nothing to do doesn't have to end in questioning your worth over a bunch of sexts. It can turn into really fun, productive, creative time spent. The best thing you can do is get on Pinterest and find some cute, easy, at-home DIYs (although, seriously, I get that texting seems much easier than that). So I've taken the burden of searching through Pinterest on for you, to bring you nine projects you can easily do. Before you realize it, you'll be fulfilled and exhausted in bed, not even remembering that you forgot to do that toxic texting thing.

1. Watermelon wrapping paper

Some hard vegetables, plain paper and paint. This DIY potato print wrapping paper will amuse you for hours, especially when you start to get more adventurous with your shapes.

2. Dip-dyed planters

Get crafty with your pre-existing household planters and dip dye them with advice from ispydiy.

3. Etch your kitchen utensils

Attack your wooden kitchen utensils and etch pretty patterns into them with this recipe from Design Mom.

4. Make Flubber

Why not reawaken your inner child? Plus you get hours of fun playing with the Flubber afterwards. Trust me, your friends will be jealous. Try out this easy concoction from Top Inspired.

5. Make coffee eye serum

What better way to avoid texting than to obsess over the dark circles under your eyes, and create an at home caffeine serum to banish them using this recipe from Ever Blossom?

6. Make bead key chains

Make your own DIY keychain like these adorable beaded ones from Be Crafty. This is the kind of project where you make one for yourself, and then obsessively make them for all your friends, so you'll be too distracted to text for a while!

7. Create your own personal cards

Texting is so passé anyway. Spend an evening making your own cards you can give out in the future, like these adorable ice cream cones from Damask Love.

Images: Jim Pennucci/Flickr; kate hiscock/Flickr; amy gizienski/Flickr; Giphy(4)