Here's Your 2015 Astrology Forecast, From A Pro

by Eliza Castile

If your 2015 is off to a rough start and you feel like you need a little guidance, look no further than Susan Miller's "Fresh Forecast" video series, which covers her predictions for the year ahead. Even if it's not your birth month, each sign gets a full two-minute video horoscope dedicated to what's in store, from a mini-personality analysis to, of course, your love life. The series is the result of a partnership between cosmetics company Fresh Beauty and Miller, to commemorate the launch of a new Zodiac-themed soap line. Chances are, if you're into astrology at all, you're already internally screaming at the thought of an entire video series of Miller's horoscopes. If astrology isn't really your scene, you're probably wondering what the big deal is. Allow me to enlighten the uninitiated. Susan Miller isn't just an astrologist — she's the premiere astrologist among the New York upper crust, who are probably the only group of people who actually put stock in horoscopes. According to New York Magazine, her website, AstrologyZone, attracts six million visitors per month (!!!) thanks to its free, and very lengthy, horoscopes. She's also published nine books and writes for 10 international fashion magazines, including Elle, and the AstrologyZone Twitter currently has 204 million followers. Whether you're into astrology or not, she's clearly got something going on.Are you curious about what she has to say for your sign yet? We've got you covered. Here's her readings for Pisces:

Predictions include a "gratifying life balance" and the chance to focus on your personal life, so it sounds like Pisces has a pretty chill year ahead.

Aries gets to look forward to the "very finest aspects for love" out of all the other signs this year. Lucky bastards.

As a Cancer, I had to include my sign's video. Can't wait for those "long-term improvements!"

If your sign isn't featured in this article, feel free to check out the other videos on the Fresh Beauty YouTube channel, and head over to AstrologyZone for your traditional written horoscope. May your Mercury always be in retrograde, my friends.(Is that a thing? I think that's a thing.)