How To Use "Girl Math" For Life Choices

How long should anyone really wait to respond to their newest suitor — should you wait the customary three days to call after a date? BuzzFeed’s “Girl Math” has at least one answer. But for anyone trying to justify your self-doubt with the full spectrum of illogical mind-bending, this video’s for you. Because sometimes you need a way to justify erratic pant sizing that isn’t just your period, and sometimes you need a semi-practical way to justify your love interest’s age (because he’s three times your senior).

Girl Math (despite its title’s enforcement of gendered stereotypes) is less about math that women do, and much more about the ass backwards reasoning that people will employ to rationalize something they want to be true. Example: Does your friend think you’re sleeping around too much? By dividing that number by the number of years you’ve been sexually active, you’ve got yourself a significantly smaller digit. A lot better? Exactly. says the video’s protagonist (who if we’re being honest is a really great liar but seems like a pretty interesting friend).

Anyway, check out the video below. (Disclaimer: we’re not responsible for your bad decision making after employing aforementioned logic. Continue at your own risk.)

Image: carballo/Fotolia