7 Ways To Capitalize On The One Earring Trend

by Melanie Richtman

There’s something incredibly chic about wearing only one earring. Even though it may look like you’ve lost an earring, adorning a single ear is almost always a chic decision. It was a staple on some of the coolest Parisian runways, including Celine and Isabel Marant, in 2014, is popular among A-listers like Emma Watson and was on display in Jennifer Lawrence’s most recent ad campaign for Dior’s “Be Dior” handbag.

Here's the thing about this trend: it doesn’t really work with small, dainty earrings. The appeal is in its grandeur. Overly embellishing one ear, whether it’s with a fancy ear cuff, a trendy ear jacket or a shoulder-grazing statement earring, requires guts. It attracts attention to the fact that you are bold enough to go against the grain and rock one earring like the rebel that you are.

The trend is slowly becoming more accessible as fast-fashion retailers like H&M and Zara have started selling sets with only one ornate earring, making it easier for consumers without a designer budget to capitalize on this trend. In my opinion, the one earring trend works best when you have one elaborately decorated ear, and one that isn’t completely bare, but rather has a complimentary small earring to tie it all together.

Are you pumped to start wearing one earring? Some of my favorites are below.

1. This Geometric Pair From H&M

Earrings, $13, H&M

This pair of earrings is the perfect example of an ornate, shoulder-grazing earring paired with a simple counterpart.

2. This Jeweled Duo from Zara

Jeweled Earring, $18, Zara

Diamonds (even fake ones) are a girl's best friend, and this set gives one of your ears the bling it deserves.

3. This Mismatched Set From Topshop

Mismatch Earrings, $14, Topshop

These two earrings don't look like they belong together at all, which is the beauty of it.

4. This Chain Link Ear Cuff From Baublebar

Curb Links Ear Cuff, $28, Baublebar

This earring is simple in design and flawless in execution. Try pairing it with a tiny, gold drop earring on the opposite ear.

5. This Arrow Ear Cuff Set From Forever 21

Arrow Ear Cuff Set, $6, Forever 21

The earring combinations within this set are really endless, and the Katniss-vibe is always cool.

6. This Triangular Combo From Topshop

Chain Tassel and Stud Earrings, $8, Topshop

The asymmetry of this set works. The small triangle stud perfectly offsets the dangly chains for a look that is effortlessly cool.

7. This Pearl-Encrusted Earcuff From Zara

Pearl Earcuff Earring, $18, Zara

Even the traditional, pearl-wearing ladies can get in on the one earring trend with this pearl set from Zara.

Images: H&M, Topshop (2), Zara (2), Baublebar, Forever 21