These Simple Sleep Hacks Will Make Your Night

Having trouble sleeping? I've got just the video for you: “7 Simple Sleep Hacks” from the YouTube channel Household Hacker. I can't believe I've gone this long without discovering Household Hacker; the channel's videos are full of useful tips and tricks for everything from how to make a keg out of a watermelon to life hacks you should never, ever do. Ever. I mean it.

Anyhoo, this video tackles that most elusive of conundrums: How to get the best quality rest you possibly can. We've already covered some of the tip in previous posts devoted to helping you learn how to sleep like a baby — but some of them are brand new (or at least, they were new to me). Man, what did we do before YouTube when it came to the quick, easy dispersal of useful knowledge? I mean, yes, there's always the library — but sometimes you just need a video demonstration to show you how it's done. Watch and learn, right?

I've pulled out some highlights from Household Hacker's video below; scroll down to watch the whole thing. Sleep tight, everyone!

1. Don't just put away your phone, computer, and other activities — put them in another room entirely.

If “out of sight, out of mind” alone doesn't work for you, up the ante: Rather than simply putting any distractions away in a drawer, move them to any room other than your bedroom before you turn in for the night. You might feel a more intense sense of relief without them around.

2. Combine techniques.

You probably already know that if you've been tossing and turning for more than 20 minutes, you should get out of bed and go do something else until you get sleepy. You probably also already know that hot drinks like chamomile tea and warm milk can also help relax you. So why not combine the two? The next time you find yourself unable to sleep, get up and make yourself a soothing, decaffeinated beverage. As a bonus, it will also help raise your internal temperature, making the environment around you feel cooler — and as we all know, the cooler the room, the better you'll sleep.

3. Get a new mattress.

This may not be a “hack,” per se — but if all else fails, it's possible that your mattress is the culprit. Household Hacks recommends Casper's mattresses, but go ahead and check out these tips on how to find the best mattress for you. I'm not exaggerating when I say getting the right sleep surface is life-changing.

Watch the full video below:

Images: tomtata/Flickr; Household Hacker/YouTube (3)