Michael B. Jordan Talks 'Star Wars'

Michael B. Jordan popped up on everyone's radar after delivering a stunning, poignant performance as the doomed Oscar Grant in this year's Fruitvale Station, and thankfully, it looks like he won't be going anywhere anytime soon. According to the AP, Michael B. Jordan has confirmed Star Wars rumors: he's definitely in talks to star in J.J. Abrams' film. In addition, he also has a confirmed role in the upcoming Rocky spinoff alongside Sylvester Stallone.

"You win Sundance, you pop up on a lot of peoples' radar," Jordan commented at People's "Ones to Watch" party. "So it's been incredible. It's a different conversation. Studios, producers, writers, directors — getting to know a lot of people in the industry."

Besides Star Wars and Rocky, Jordan also revealed he's in discussions for roles in the new Independence Day reboot (he would fill Will Smith's shoes), and possibly in Chronicle director Josh Trank's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

I, for one, am ecstatic that Jordan is finally getting the attention he deserves. Though he's newly a rising star, he's been in the industry for a while, and delivered amazing performances in The Wire and Friday Night Lights before Fruitvale Station. He certainly is one to watch, and casting him in a major film like Star Wars would be a great decision for the project and the studio.

As for what part Jordan is in talks for — it remains unspecified, but Jordan did reveal he auditioned for a role that did not involve a lightsaber. So, take that however you want.