8 Simple Tricks To Make Your Bed So Much Cozier

It's the time of year when getting out of bed is undeniably THE WORST. There's no hikes or leisurely strolls or beach days or picnics or non-freezing outdoor activities whatsoever to look forward to. At best, you're going from bed to work to your couch for extended periods of Netflix binge-watching to bed again. When it's below freezing and snowing, sometimes there's not much more to do than sleep in and lounge about in bed all weekend. (I'm betting you can guess the kind of rager I have planned for the coming weekend.) Which is why, if it's basically the only place we're going to spend any time, it's so important to have a lovely, cozy, comfortable bed.

The place you're never leaving again (until it's at least over 40 degrees, which feels like something that might never happen at this point) should be a sanctuary. It should be piled high with pillows, so luxurious you literally melt into it with ecstasy. (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but if there's a way to actually create a bed that will make you do that, I'm all ears.) I've been working on my bed game recently, which is a fun winter activity. During the summer months, a bed just means a damp mattress with a single sheet on it where you toss and turn for a few hours a night, torn between being either too hot without the air conditioner on, and too cold with it on, wishing it was morning again so you can just get up and have five showers already. Winter is the opposite of that: Bed is the place you wish you could stay all day, cocooned in blankets warmed with gas from your very own ass (do not front). Here are eight ways you can considerably level up the coziness of this all-important area of your home:

1. Use an extra duvet underneath you

My boyfriend, genius angel sent from heaven that he is, suggested we put his old duvet between the mattress and the fitted sheet when he moved in. I was wary at first, but since I've been sleeping on the most comfortable marshmallow of all time, I have zero complaints.

2. Lots of pillows!

When I was little and it was cold, my mom used to tuck me in with pillows encasing my body. So I've obviously got a thing for pillows. The more pillows, the merrier. Put one on either side of you under the duvet and immediately double how warm it is under there; stack them high when you make a Netflix watching fort; put one in-between your knees when you sleep on your side to make your back feel yogically nice.

3. Fairy lights

Coziness is as much about atmosphere as it is about blankets and pillows. String fairy lights around the room to make yourself feel like your bed is a fantasy land and you its sleepy princess/prince.

4. Add fluff

If you don't have a pet, the next best thing is a little sheepskin throw or a fluffy pillow. Bringing soft textures in the bed will make you feel like there's a living thing in there with you, or if that creeps you out, we can leave the reasoning here at "fluff feels good against your skin."

5. Invest in quality bedding

Nothing says "not cozy" like scratchy sheets. Buy good quality cotton or silk bedding and wrap yourself up in it like you're a kid and you're playing worms with your siblings. (It's where one person gets rolled into a sheet with their arms and legs by their sides, rendering their movements worm-like, and the other sibling laughs at them. Come on, don't act like you don't know. YOU KNOW.)

6. Find a soft headboard

If you want to go large, look for a cute tufted headboard to make the general aesthetic and feel of your bed more like "one giant pillow."

7. Decorate in dark colors

Decorating in darker colors promotes tranquility. Deep jewel purples and greens are great for relaxation and meditation, and it's generally a good idea to keep bedroom decorating limited to different shades of the same color rather than clashing jarring brights next to each other.

8. Invite a snuggle buddy in

I mean, if you just can't be bothered with all the other fancy stuff, just invite a snuggle buddy in. That will make your bed cozier than anything else on earth, whether it's your bestie with a bag of McDonald's or the one you love in their underpants.

Images: Maga Soto/Flickr; Giphy (4)