8 Stylish '80s Movie Characters Whose Fashion Prowess Still Resonates Today

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From Lloyd Dobler triumphantly holding that boombox above his head to the infamous Saturday detention that united all of high school’s most stereotyped students for one fleeting afternoon, '80s movies really nailed the adolescent experience (and maybe brought us to tears over the occasional pint of ice cream). Another thing that your favorite Brat Pack films got so, so right was the fabulous '80s fashion, which always makes us want to go rummaging through our mom's closets and the racks at the local thrift store.

Whether you prefer safety-pins-and-leather punk looks or the classic, all-American girl next door, here are some of the best examples of '80s movie babes with style that still resonates (and even a few equally fashionable male sidekicks).

Image: Paramount Pictures

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